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Enhance Your Business With a New Led Technology
  • Reduce Energy Bills : Energy consumption may be reduced by up to 85% when compared to incandescent - critical in a time when energy costs are sky rocketing.
  • Reduce Maintenance Expenses : Products are designed for 50,000 hours of service, which is 5 to 50 times Longer than ordinary bulbs.
  • Improve the Appearance of Your Merchandise : Most high efficiency lighting makes people and products look washed out - food looks unnatural and clothes are dull. The vibrant color of PAR products reveals the full beauty of people and merchandise.
  • Simplify Energy Code Compliance : Significantly higher delivered efficacy than CFL sources helps you comply with energy codes and saves energy for accent and decorative lighting.
  • Warm and Natural Light : A better way to generate white light provides an unprecedented combination of high efficacy and beautiful, warm color.
  • Break through System Design Approach : Holistic design with breakthroughs in optical design, mechanical design, electronics design, and thermal management.
  • Leaving Old Technology and Toxic Mercury Behind : The first and only high efficacy source that combines beautiful color characteristics, attractive appearance, and dimmability without toxic mercury.
  • Truth in Lighting : Setting the standard for responsible LED fixture performance to a specification - based upon third party testing and product performance that exceeds specifications.

In today’s era, for an environmental friendly technology, LED technology is preferred over Conventional Lamp due to its numerous benefits over it.